Welcome to the future

Pancreum's seasoned team of engineers have put into high gear the task of developing a low-cost drug delivery platform that will lead to an artificial (or bionic) pancreas.

Manage Diabetes Your Way

You control which components (modules or wedges) to attach to the reusable controller (CoreMD) which can communicate with a hand-held controller (or smartphone) and is programmed to configure itself based on which wedges are detected.  When all wedges are released, you may use the same CoreMD to create any one of the following systems:


1.  A continuous glucose monitoring system (Vigil) by attaching a CGM wedge to the CoreMD;


2.  An insulin delivery device (InsuLean) by attaching an insulin delivery wedge to the CoreMD; 


3.  A dual-hormone delivery device (Duo) by attaching an insulin delivery wedge and a glucagon delivery wedge to the CoreMD;


4.  A closed-loop insulin delivery and CGM device (Mine) by attaching both an insulin delivery  wedge and a CGM wedge; or


5.  A closed-loop bionic pancreas device (Genesis) by attaching an insulin delivery wedge, a glucagon delivery wedge, and a CGM wedge.


Duo or Mine



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  -- Margaret Mead


Our Solution

Today, users are required to wear multiple devices all over their bodies and need to use a separate hand-held controller to operate each device.  A user who wants to monitor his or her glucose levels would need to wear a dedicated continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in addition to an infusion set or insulin patch pump.


We believe that the time has come to develop an all-in-one integrated platform that is managed by a single hand-held controller or even a smartphone which many currently use.

Technical Features*

1.  Programmable, Semi-disposable Platform;

2.  Rechargeable/Reusable Battery & Electronics;

3.  Disposable Drug Delivery and Sensor Wedges;

4.  Tubeless Design/Integrated Infusion Set;

5.  Built-in Cannula with Automated Inserter;

6.  Uses Smartphone or Hand-held Controller;

7.  Approx. Size: 1.6" x 2.5" x 0.40" (InsuLean);

8.  Reservoir Size: 300 Units;

9.  Basal Range: 0.0 - 30.0 U/h (0.025 Resolution);

10.  Bolus Range: 0.05 - 30.0 U;

11.  Integrated Bolus Button (Settable Increments);

12.  Waterproof: Up to 25 feet for 60 minutes.

(Please note: These features many change during product development and trials.)

Our Plan

We are excited to announce that we have just recently received a U.S. Patent on our CoreMD platform and on our unique modular design.


Our system and platform design have several advantages over current systems on the market.  Primarily, our modular design and semi-disposable concept allows users to customize the functionality of our product to their own individual needs, while at the same time keeping the costs as low as possible.


The CoreMD is re-chargable and reusable, which thereby eliminates the costs associated with disposing expensive electronics and batteries every three days.


In addition, our platform design may be easily adapted to incorporate newer technology, allowing us to bring to market wedges with the newest technology, much quicker.

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