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Welcome to the future!

Pancreum's revolutionary products have put the task of designing and marketing an artificial (or bionic) pancreas into high gear! We came up with the CoreMD, the "brain" of a wearable medical device system, a truly visionary product. With the CoreMD, Pancreum's diabetes management systems will be designed and marketed at a much faster pace and for less, resulting in a more affordable product that will benefit all people with diabetes. The CoreMD's main purpose is to create a flexible, open platform, common architecture design that will allow for medical devices to be more affordable. At the same time, provide a product that is smarter, more convenient, safer and even more ecologically correct than anything you've seen in the wearable, replaceable medical device field.


The CoreMD has a high-performance 32-bit CPU, making it smarter than other wearable devices in the diabetes management field.

More Convenient

The CoreMD is Bluetooth-enabled, so it's not necessary to carry an outdated, button-driven, hand-held controller, like current devices in the market. You may use your own Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile or Blackberry smartphone.


A second CPU in the CoreMD double-checks all functions being performed by the main CPU (such as insulin delivery), providing a leading-edge safety system.

More Ecologically Correct

By putting the CPUs and battery in the CoreMD, using a rechargeable battery and making pre-filled reservoirs an option, there's no need to throw so many lithium batteries, electronic boards, syringes and insulin vials away every few days.

More Affordable

The CoreMD is NOT disposable, so no electronic boards and batteries are thrown away every three days. This means, for example, that its attached replaceable insulin pump only contains the reservoir and the mechanisms to insert the cannula and deliver insulin. This replaceable insulin pump will be smaller and more affordable than the pod-shaped pump available in the market today. There will also be no need to buy an additional hand-held controller if you use your own smartphone.

Faster Development Cycle

Since the CoreMD has an open platform architecture, other devices in an artificial pancreas system may be developed in parallel by other companies, making the Artificial Pancreas availability a reality in a much shorter time! The Pancreum systems are made up of a combination of several possible devices: the Controller (Personal Diabetes Analyzer) (or Smartphone), the CoreMD, the GlucoWedge, the BetaWedge and the AlphaWedge. Read about these elements and systems in the next pages.

Products not yet available for sale. If you have questions or need information...

Contact us:
Gil DePaula
+1-978-500-3991 (PST, GMT - 8 hours)

Pancreum's technical staff and founders have extensive medical device development experience, including significant contribution to the creation of the Medtronic MiniMed Guardian RT Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (*) and the Insulet OmniPod Insulin Management System (**).

(*) Medtronic, MiniMed and Guardian RT are registered trademarks of Medtronic MiniMed, Inc.
(**) Insulet and OmniPod are registered trademarks of Insulet Corporation.